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RentaServ.net : Streaming : SHOUTCast


25 slots
50 slots
75 slots
100 slots
200 slots
Bitrate: 24Kbps
Bitrate: 32Kbps
Bitrate: 48Kbps
Bitrate: 56Kbps
Bitrate: 64Kbps
Bitrate: 96Kbps
Bitrate: 128Kbps


Listen To a Demo Stream Now Click Here (Popup Must Be Allowed)


To place an order click the price in the Correct Slots and Bitrate. Eg. 128kbps with 200

slots is £100.00 click £100.00 to Order.


For a test server email test@rentaserv.net



All SHOUTCast Packages Include

Cast-Control - Control Panel With Many Features Including Auto DJ

Xml Statistic's - For Online Live Statistics

Interagated Link's - Your Control Panel Provides Interagated Links

Start, Stop Server - Need To Stop Your Server For Whatever Reason

Auto DJ - Continue Streaming Even When a DJ Isn't Online

Backup File - Stream this File To a Client When He First Connects

This will happen after you have ordered
As soon as your payment arrives here, we will set you up on our high end servers. We will then email you a location where you can stream 24/7. This location contains a steady DNS/IP and a port number/name together with a password. You simply enter this information in your playback software like Sam Broadcaster or Winamp  and away you go! No adds, no players with banners. We are simply going to pump your streams into the net.

Video Streaming
Of course all our servers also support video streaming. You can stream NSV video when using our Shoutcast Servers and Windows Media Video when using our Windows Media Servers. If you need other/higher bitrates than listed in the order form please contact our Customer Help Desk.

Need more listeners or viewers?
Of course you can order more than 200 listeners . However me might have to setup this server manually or even setup new hardware. So it might take a day or two. Please contact our Customer Help Desk if you need more than 200 concurrent listeners.

How to cancel Your Stream's
To Cancel your stream you will need to email cancel@rentaserv.net stating your name service and server details (Server i.e. s1,s2 etc) ,(Port i.e. 8000 etc) 10 days before your due date. So if your due date is 30/01/08 you will need to of emailed us before the 20/01/08 otherwise the services are auto renewed and another term will need to be paid for.